The purpose of Wasoko is to improve the food distribution, so fresh produce is harvested and delivered most efficiently, while all parties involved is getting a fair profit. We are doing this by connecting farmers, drivers and retailers to deliver products radically cheaper and fresher. We start our disruption in the least efficient markets, while building the food supply-chain of the future owned by our community.

Grading tomatoes

We enable farmers to sell their products directly to retailers in the cities, increasing revenue for farmers, lowering prices for retailers and tying communities together. Our primary focus is on the farmers living in areas, where the climate for farming is favorable most of the year. We are currently rolling out the concept in Nairobi, Kenya. We are starting with operations centered on tomatoes, since it is a widely grown and consumed product in Kenya and we will test with other products as well shortly.

Our long term vision is to help farmers earn more money from their products, so more people can invest time and money in producing more and better food, reducing the need for long, inefficient and wasteful food supply chains.

If interested in joining as a farmer, driver or retailer, please sign up here

How it works

  1. Retailers place orders at wasoko.com
  2. Farmers prepare the products
  3. Drivers deliver products directly from farm
  4. All parties verify by SMS that the transaction was successful

The concept is illustrated below:

Our team

Troels Plenge
CEO & Founder
Former CTO at Nemlig.com and avid IT specialist with an altruistic approach to logistics.
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Godwin Odhiambo
Country Manager - Kenya
Community manager with great interest and skills in youth enablement and HR management.
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Igor Tymchuk
IT & Dev. operations
Former developer with nemlig.com and an experienced and skilled software- and database designer.
Jacob Lennheden
Deployment Advisor
Social entrepreneur with several years of experience building startups in Africa
Klaus Petersen
Solution Advisor
Vast experience as a software achitect designing business critical IT solutions.
Simon Engelbrecht
Product Advisor
Combines strong UX skills with competences building AgTech businesses in Africa

Contact us

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