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Core team

Our change makers thrive where purpose meets passion.

Mario 1
Mario Ndirangu
Logistics Cost Sharing
Fatma cropped
Fatma Nasujo
Senior Leadership
Charles cropped
Charles Kimani
Financial Services
June Jambiha
Cyrus Mutwol Cropped
Cyrus Mutwool
Tech & Product

Visionary leadership

Our leaders champion our mission and enable team members to do what they do best.

Daniel Yu
Sundararaman Pattabiraman
Sundararaman Pattabiraman
Ashish Gaokar
Ashish Gaokar
Global Head of Corporate Finance
Judith Ndungu cropped
Judith Ndungu Githaiga
Global Head of Finance
Carolyne Mwaura
Global Head of People
Kevin Lorenz
Global Head of Product
Kushal cropped
Kushal Patel
Head of Engineering
Dip Patel
Dip Patel Nilesh
Global Head of Financial Services
Milie cropped
Milie Boyle
Global Head of FMCG
Mellany cropped
Mellany Msengezi
Global Head of Marketing
Aurelien cropped
Aurelien Barreau
Global Head of Sourcing
Georges Bejjani cropped
Georges Bejjani
Global Head of BI
Allan Okinyi Bogonko
Global Head Logistics
Fatma cropped
Fatma Nasujo
Global Head of Operational Excellence

Read why our team are so passionate about what they do!

People are at the centre of everything – from working as a team to achieving business goals, to interacting with clients, suppliers, and communities. With this in mind, my primary purpose is to be impactful in peoples’ lives. This is through helping them achieve their potential and develop their innate talent strengths, for both business success and personal development.

It has been an incredible experience interacting with the team. Every day is a learning curve while striving to support the team in employee relations, performance management, engagement, and motivation. As they say, success is sweet, but for me, it is even more precious when it is achieved through coordination, cooperation, and collaboration. This is what excites me the most about working at Wasoko.

Julia Njoroge
People and Culture Manager

Do you wake up with enthusiasm for a new day at work? Well, that is the experience I have at Wasoko. Yes, me! Here, I get to work with a great team of tech and business leaders to release products that have a farther-reaching impact on Africa’s retail space than I have ever imagined.The endless puzzles to solve with technology in informal retail are challenges any software developer would love and thrive in. As a team, we look forward to taking on these challenges!

The rich blend of culture, great minds, and definite career growth is our real strength. This mix brings out the best in me. At Wasoko, delivery at work does not end there, there is always the next role to step up to. I can look back at my journey of almost two years, and say the effort I have put in is totally worth it.

Cyrus Mutwol Cropped
Cyrus Mutwol
Front End Engineer

As the head of engineering, I wear many hats. I am part of both the product team and the support team, so my role allows me to see challenges at a broad level. Coming up with solutions for these challenges is quite fun! I believe that nothing is impossible with pure passion and love for something. I believe you need very little or even no motivation to excel in the role once you are passionate about what you do. I love what I do.

Kushal cropped
Kushal Patel
Head of Engineering

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