Driving growth across
African e-commerce

Our Story

We are Wasoko

We are busy transforming informal African retail as we know it.

We enable entrepreneurs to do what they do best- sell. Our retail ordering experience is unrivalled with competitively priced products and free same day delivery to your door.

Our mission

Help communities across Africa get more for less

Our priorities

We’re enabling customers and communities across our offices in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Sénégal, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda in the following ways:

Unleashing African Commerce

We want to help local African economies to prosper, by solving some of the continent’s biggest retail challenges.

Delivery On Demand

Shopkeepers order products via our mobile app and receive delivery at their doorstep .

Financing For Growth​

Our products are designed to solve working capital challenges for our ambitious customers, allowing them to unlock their true potential.

Unlocking Intelligent Insights

We offer market trends, business insights and personalized promotions to retailers and manufacturers through smart data dashboards.

What our customers say

Don’t just take it from us! Hear from our happy customers.

I am grateful to have Wasoko as my business partner, when I give my order there is no delay in getting the order delivered. Even when I want things almost immediately I get the products without fail. I have a health problem and the delivery guys always help me get the products in and at times to help me unpack and arrange. My two shops have greatly been touched by Wasoko. God bless.

Lister Esther of today shop
Lister Otinga
Esther of Today shop

Wasoko services are one of the best you can order for good even when you don’t have money and you pay later, deliveries are timely and on the same day. As Wasoko grows I will also want to grow with them and this is why I choose Wasoko.

Faith Waweru
Faith Waweru
Acacia 1

What I love most about Wasoko is that whenever I order for goods they always deliver on the same day and that makes me very happy as it does not hold up my business. I also love that they have quality and affordable goods I have never ordered for goods and gotten substandard products.

Rose Wanjiku Njogu Hotel owner
Rose Wanjiku Njogu
Ebeneza hotel

I have been ordering and receiving goods from Wasoko for two years now and what made me happy is the credit facility where at times when I do not have enough money to get stock for my shop Wasoko gives me the goods and I pay after a period of time. Most people would not offer you this facility and it’s nice to have a business partner who helps you grow your business.

Sylvia Wasidi
Sylvia Wasidi
Jasterys Stores

I started with Wasoko in the year 2018 and the experience has been amazing for me to have products delivered to me on demand and on the same day is amazing. Wasoko has really improved and I am happy to have grown with them.

MPC 0343MPC 0343
John Kamore
Shop 120

The pricing of goods from Wasoko is competitive and very comfortable for my business. The sales agent who serves me understands my business and never fails to call to ask what I would require on a daily basis. I would however love to use the customer app more frequently.

Daniel Wanaina Ebeneza Enterprise shop
Daniel Wanaina
Ebeneza Enterprise shop

Services from Wasoko are timely mostly on delivery you order and get same-day delivery which is awesome. I get most of my products from Wasoko and my customers are always happy because I get quality products for them from Wasoko.

John Ndwiga Mini mart owner
John Ndwiga
Pioneer Mini Mart

I love Wasoko because they deliver on time and their prices are fair. I get goods from Wasoko twice a week and I love their services because they bring goods right to my doorstep and the delivery person is always very happy and serves me well.

Neema Shop
Ruth Naliaka
Neema Shop

I can rely on Wasoko anytime because they bring goods on time-saving me time to serve my customers. My experience with Wasoko has been amazing and full of growth. Thank you Wasoko.

Esmas whole seller
Esmas Traders

From the start, when I started my shop I did my budget well and ordered goods from Wasoko. They delivered on time and I started my business well and from that day I always order from Wasoko.

Pauline Nduta
Pauline Nduta
Henix Shop