Customer Confidence from a CX and Support Perspective: Winning Strategies

Customer confidence from a CX and support perspective

In an era where boundaries between customers and businesses are continuously digital, the essence of trust is increasingly an important factor for success. The evolution of customer purchasing behavior, shifting from a focus on traditional stores to digital platforms, underpins the reasons why trust is important towards retention and growth. Trust, or its absence, becomes […]

Importance of Employee Retention in an E-Commerce Company

Importance of Employee Retention in an E-Commerce Company

Employee retention is defined as an organisation’s ability to hold on to its employees. It refers to the strategies an organisation develops to mitigate employee turnover risks and the processes it puts in place to increase the retention of top talent. At Wasoko, the true measure of our success is in our workforce’s unwavering dedication […]

New E-commerce Trends and Shifts Impacting the Retail Space

New E-commerce Trends and Shifts Impacting the Retail Space

My name is Kelly Adediha, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Operations at Wasoko. My role entails documenting plans and strategizing on how to effectively execute the business goals to achieve our vision. I also oversee key operational functions and make essential recommendations to improve overall business performance. What are your thoughts on the current […]

Empowering Informal Retailers: The Impact of Wasoko’s Last-Mile Delivery Network

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Wasoko’s last-mile delivery network significantly impacts the informal retail sector in its markets, helping local retailers access fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) quickly and reliably. This network provides free same-day delivery of essential goods and financing to over 142,000 informal African retail stores, enabling retailers to order products at their convenience via SMS or mobile app. […]

Importance of credit to informal retailers


Informal retailers face a lot of challenges in accessing trade credit to stock their shops, have good stock availability and consequently grow their businesses. Cash flow challenges if not managed well can severely hamper the ability of informal retailers to maintain their operations. This is a common challenge for informal retailers who serve a large […]

Why segmentation still remains critical in business

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Introduction In my youth, our family relocated to a smaller town in Zimbabwe. Previously, we lived in the suburbs, with well-maintained trees along the streets and minimal noise pollution. Milk was delivered to your doorstep, and the ice cream man rang his tempting bell daily. I could get a lollipop from the ice cream man […]

Employee Share Option Plans

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What is an ESOP? An Employees Share Option Plan (ESOP) is an employee benefit used to attract and retain talent. ESOPs are a form of equity compensation that enables the employee to purchase options of the company they work for, after a prescribed time and at a discounted price. The prescribed time is referred to […]